Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

 cardigan & scarf: Target, t-shirt & denim shorts: F21, boots: Jeffery Campbell

lace top: Love Culture, prom skirt: thrifted, boots: Jeffery Campbell

My birthday was on Monday and I started my celebration on Friday night. Drinks with family and friends that just continued straight through. The first outfit was what I wore to our usual Champagne Sundays brunch. The above outfit was worn to my birthday dinner with friends. I can't believe I'm 31. I'm expecting great things for this age. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh, alcohol

dress: F21, jacket: Express, wedges: BCBGeneration

What started out as a lovely evening with family, friends, and my future fashionista nieces (talking about you Stephanie & Jenna) turned into a night of drunken fun. Dancing on bars, Chica getting proposed to (by two guys no less), and plenty of alcohol. So much that I didn't notice the thief that made off with my Express faux leather jacket. I loved that jacket :-(

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I need to find the person who came up with these and plant a big, fat, wet one on them. Gloves you can wear and still play with your touch screen smart phone, tablet, or laptop? A magical gift from faeries, or from etre touchy. It's been in the 30's and 40's the past couple nights here. That may be nothing to most of the United States, but for South Florida, it's a big f-ing deal. I have cold hands pretty much year round and when the temp drops, I'm gloved. This is a much better solution then wearing one glove to send a text. I think I need to order a pair of these, stat. It's supposed to hit the 50's tonight.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I've got fleas

Sorry no outfit posts in a while. I've been so busy between work, school, and getting ready to move that I tend to just throw on jeans, a t-shirt, and the closest pair of boots. Had a late breakfast with Chica, my cousin/BFF this afternoon and stumbled across a flea market. Some awesome trinkets and vintage jewelry. I completely loved the old school strap on skates (pic 2) but alas, my feet are too large. Scored a great silver ring and vintage money clip for Babe though. Don't you just love unexpected treasure?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can we get fake plants?

jeggings-LF , tank- PacSun, cropped shirt-Target, fedora-Target men's dept, 
socks-Hot Topic, boots-Jeffrey Campbell

On January 1st, Babe and I will be moving out of our apartment and into a town house. We're so excited and can't wait to get in it. These are a few shots I took in what will soon be out new front patio. I love that there are plants all over, but I've killed bamboo. Twice. I may let Babe figure out the landscaping situation. I'm driving myself crazy thinking of what colors to paint the walls and where to put the furniture. I think that's enough for me. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will it Ever be Chilly Again?

I've been sick pretty much all week. No outfit posts, cause if you've seen one set of sweats, you've seen 'em all. Now that I'm feeling some what human, I've started thinking about Xmas shopping. And the fact that it feels nothing like Xmas around here. It's still 80 degrees outside. But my brain is already wondering what sweaters I'll be purchasing for January when it finally starts to dip below 70. I love huge oversized comfy sweaters that I can wear with skinny jeans and boots or over a maxi dress.

Lamixx Pullover Oversized Sweater, Threadsence

Open Stitch Pullover, Free People
Front & Center Pullover, Free People

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gray Skies

I tend to get a specific color in my head and then spend the next few weeks buying anything that catches my eye in that color. Lately it's been gray. Which is so unlike me. I usually lean towards brighter colors. 

Being relatively tall for a female, I can get away with longer items like maxi dresses and this duster. It's still too warm to wear the duster outside, but my classroom is freezing. An All Saints store recently opened up in a local mall here. Talk about making a girl happy! Now I no longer have to wait to get an item through the mail. I love instant gratification. The minute I put this dress on, I knew it was mine.

I have a sock fetish. I have no idea how many knee high and otk socks I own. Different colors, designs, and patterns. And I keep buying them. I'm running out of room to keep them but that doesn't stop me. I have socks that still have the tag on them. I loved these, they're crotched, sparkle, and have two small heart-shaped buttons on the side. Do you have an item of clothing you just can't stop buying?

dress: All Saints; socks: F21; boots: Jeffrey Campbell (got mine at Solestruck); duster: so old, I forgot where I got it; rings: gifted and Lucky Brand

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lita Love

faux leather jacket, Express; sweater, Charlotte Russe; jeans, Express,
boots, Jeffrey Campbell, necklace, Lucky Brand

I'm absolutely loving my Litas. I had originally wanted to buy them in the purple suede, but unfortunately Solestruck was sold out of that color. I've been wanting grey suede boots anyway, so why not. These are amazing. I've had so many compliments on them and I love the fact that they make me 6'1". I threw this outfit together to run to class today. It's actually feeling like fall around here. Or at least what us South Floridians consider fall, a balmy 70 degrees. I can see these getting placed into heavy rotation in my wardrobe. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


                                                               Sergeant Pepper Maxi Coat Free People

I will not be buying this coat. I will not be pairing it with skinny jeans and OTK boots, or a mini dress with tights and booties. I want to do all of that, but buying this coat makes no sense. Winter in South Florida is practically non existent. This coat would sit in the back of my closet and taunt me. I want it. Badly. But the grown up side me is telling me it would be a silly thing to do. I love Ft Lauderdale, I've lived here most of my life and I'm not a fan of cold weather. Cold weather clothing on the other hand, makes me smile. Sweaters, coats, and boots. Boots, my true love (my boyfriend knows and understands). So although I want to, I will not be buying this coat. Or any of the other millions I'm falling in love with this season. Instead, I'll head to the beach on this warm November day and hit he waves. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


shirt: h&m; leggings: forever21; belt: forever21; boots: jeffrey campbell, free people; necklace: lucky brand

The moment I laid eyes on these otk motorcycle boots, I had to have them. I get constant complements on them and they are ridiculously comfortable. I've worn them with everything from pants to sundresses. I threw them on with leggings and a long tunic shirt for class. It's till in the high 80's here but I could care less. My boots are coming out to play.

Long and Lean

dress: bought @ random boutique years ago; denim jacket: guess jeans; fedora: fox riders,  ron jon surf shop; booties: payless; peace cuff: lucky brand jeans; necklace: forever 21

I love hats. I have fedoras, buckets, beanies, and baseball caps. Only thing, I have a large noggin. I'm not exaggerating. It's freakin' huge. I wear the same size hat as my boyfriend. I buy most of my hats in the  men's section, this one included. 
This is an outfit I threw together for dinner with the girls. I've got a thing for long dresses too. They're so easy to wear. Throw one on, add some accessories, and out you go. Simple

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I first heard Florence + The Machine live a year ago at Electric Picnic in Ireland. It was love at first listen and I've been obsessed with the golden piped songstress ever since. And waiting for the States to catch up with Europe. Finally, we've caught on to how amazing she is. This song has been in regular rotation on my iPod for a year and I still can't get it out of my head. What songs catch your attention and never let go?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laces Out

As fall looms around the corner, I find myself wanting to add to my already extensive boot collection. Many think I'm crazy for even bothering with boots in South Florida, but they're my first love. Right now I'm craving laced up booties, here are a few I'm considering:

I love the buckles on these, anything that I can use to cinch around my ridiculously skinny ankles
Sam Edleman, zappos

These are gorgeous! Too bad I can't afford them
Emilio Pucci, Zappos

Ok, I know, these aren't laced. But, look at them! Who cares!
Nine West Boutique 9, Nine West

I can see these with leggings or skinnies tucked in and an oversized sweater

Love, love, love these! I was searching for a neutral gray pair of laced boots, but I'm going to get these as well. How can I say no to purple suede? 
Jeffrey Campbell, solestruck 

Right now, the Jeffrey Campbells are the only ones I know for sure that I'm getting. The search for the perfect gray pair continues...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Kicks

fedora: Target men's dept
tunic: Free People
skinnies: Target
kicks: Converse
earrings, Forever 21
cuff: bought forever ago 

I don't get many Saturday nights off but I took advantage last week and went out. I had just bought my Converse and was dying to show them off. Most girls in Downtown Ft Lauderdale are dressed to the 9's, tight dresses and high heels. I tend to go for cute and comfortable, and something I can dance in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against that look. I've been known to rock it many times, but somedays, comfort is the way to go.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the beginning...

Summer is finally coming to an end, at least in most of the country. I've decided to use it as a beginning, to start my blog! Welcome to eclectic mine, an outlet for all the crazy shenanigans floating around in my head. As well as sharing an outfit or two.