Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gun Show

dress: Unif, long cardigan: who the hell knows, boots: Charles David, belt: F21

I love this dress. From the moment I saw it on Karmaloop, I knew I had to have it. Only then, it had long mesh sleeves attached. I don't do long sleeves often for a couple of reasons, a) It's usually really hot here, no one wants to sweat that much. b) I have really long arms. Most long sleeves don't reach my wrists. It's ok, I'm used to it. But with this dress I encountered a new issue. My arms were too BIG for the sleeves. Not long, BIG. I couldn't get my biceps through. So I had two options. Send it back for a larger size but that would make the dress bigger everywhere else. Or...cut off the sleeves. Option number 2 won and it's been working for me. 

After School

shirt: H&M, skirt: F21, OTK socks: Target, boots: Charles David, peace sign cuff: Lucky Brand

Feeling extremely like an off duty private school girl. untucked button down, sunglasses, and knee socks. Isn't this the type of stuff they wear? I'm a public school girl, I have no idea how the other side lives. I never had to wear a uniform, thank God! Such a loss of individualism. And what could be worse than that?

But it's Black Friday!

tank: Victoria's Secret PINK, jeans: Levi's, grandpa cardigan: Old Navy, sneaks: Converse

I could not believe it. I had to work on Black Friday. I've never had an office job where I had to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. Well, fine. I'll come in, but I'm gonna be as comfy as possible while doing so. Nothing more comfortable than jeans, sneakers, and a tank top. Maybe pajamas, but I thought that would be pushing it. I came home after 8 hours and plopped myself on the floor. I figured why not take a few shots form down here. Then Lando wanted in on the action.