Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stealing from his closet

shirt: liberated from bf's closet; shorts: old pair of DIY levis; belt: h&m; 
necklace: lucky brand; boots: JC

We're finally in out new place. This is our back "yard". Or a wooden deck, you choose. Our new place has a ton more space than the old one and is still close to highways. I love it here. Too bad I'm never here. Between school and work, all I do is sleep here. And even then it's not that much. And then there are the few times I get to hang out with the girls. This is the outfit I threw together for Champagne Sunday brunch. Babe was getting rid of this shirt, I saved it realize that it probably looks better on me. Hopefully I can get back into a outfit posting schedule. 

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